Before I started treatment with Rocco, I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and kinda sad. Physically, I was dealing with several old injuries – surgery on a broken foot and a broken collarbone that did not heal with good alignment. I feel like for the first time in 2 years I am getting better, healing from the broken bones. My enthusiasm for life is something I notice, there is a more possibility. I am doing art, getting up and meditating, and for the first time in a while, I am actively taking steps to create the future I want for myself.
~Beth Nolte

I have been a patient of Rocco Manziano for the better part of a year. I came to Rocco because a singing student of mine who had a chronic condition was being helped by Rocco. In my own family, my sister was a practitioner of Chinese medicine, so I was well acquainted with all of its healing properties.


My body was very toxic and my stress levels were high. I had a lifetime of elimination problems that were addressed by many doctors and other health practitioners, to no avail. Rocco began to heal my entire system through acupuncture, supplements and remedies made up for my body alone. It was a commitment on my part too, but one in which I saw almost immediately.


Firstly, the stress hormones were lessened and I began to live my life in a more conscious, aware state. I always left a session pain free and relaxed. As Rocco began to “dig deeper” so to speak to find my weaknesses, he started to prescribe remedies to take before bedtime that would enhance our office work. That, with the supplements he began to add, started the healing process.


Today I can say that my elimination problem has been healed. In addition, in a recent visit, I was a little run down. Rocco did an energy assessment of all my organs, and told me I was on the verge of being sick. After his work that day, and adding on more supplements, I was well within a week. To my relief, he caught it in time.

Rocco Manziano is a gifted practitioner who is very appreciated by those lucky enough to have worked with him.
~Renee Santer-Cadiou

My hands shook, quivered and constantly hurt after computer use or any lifting. I have arch pain in my feet and my orthotics seem to make the pain worse. My Achilles was so tender. I like coming here and I feel much better when I leave. I am relaxed, my arms and hands do not shake and the arch pain is relieved. The Achilles is less tender to the touch and after every appointment, I notice an improvement.
~Anthony Siciliano

Before seeking treatment with Dr. Rocco Manziano I had been suffering from numerous maladiespain in my shoulders resulting in a drastic reduction of strength and range of motion, and, intense pain in my left heel, one of the side-effects of a serious back injury a year previously. I could not run or even walk without limping and I was unable to lift anything over my head with my right arm. As a result of the shoulder pain, I was unable to sleep for longer than a few hours at a time. A vicious cycle had begun; the pain was not allowing me to sleep and a lack of sleep was not allowing me to heal. Dr Manziano prescribed some simple herbal remedies and proceeded with thrice weekly acupuncture treatments for six weeks. After one week the difference was noticeable and after six remarkable. Dr. Manziano has continued to treat me weekly and I am beginning to get back to my old (actually, younger) self. I am working out again and my sleep has improved dramatically. I would highly recommend Dr. Manziano to anyone in a situation similar to mine or to anyone who is seeking a departure from drugs or surgery and a return to something natural and whole.
~Dan P.

For the last 60 years of my life, I have been a Type A person who trips, falls and breaks bones. Because of the many falls, and despite the lack of rheumetoid arthritis, severe and debilitating arthritis has set into by body. My latest episode of a broken ankle and resultant ankle arthritis had severely impairing my walking. I was finding it impossible to walk for any length of time because the arthritis had spread to the upper foot, calf and opposite leg.


I am an avid world traveler. Europe is paved with cobblestones has and very few modern elevators, and my travels have been hampered by my condition. I have been plagued by arthritis for many years and have visited a plethora of specialists with no decided results, and I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort. On the suggestion of my foot specialist, I decided to see Dr. Rocco Manziano... Thanks to the caring and knowledge of Dr. Rocco, much of this pain has left and in May I am about to embark on a new adventure traveling around the hills of Germany.


Dr. Rocco calmly and capably heals body and mind; he researches every condition to find the most optimal way to heal. When I became aware of his skills, I came to him with a laundry list of small ailments. He cured my bloody nose, a condition I have daily for 60+ years; he had helped me lose weight and develop better sleep patterns. I have lost 20 pounds and actually sustained the weight loss instead of the typical yo-yo pattern I have had over the years. I find I am calmer, able to sleep better, eat better and less often, walk better and actually focus better. He uses a magic combination of acupuncture, holistic medicine and naturalistic and inspirational thinking that seems to put one on the right track to a healthy and happy life.


I brought my 74-year old husband to visit Dr. Rocco because of knee problems developed from a recent fall. My husband has a complicated medical history, starting with stage 5 terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (1995), congestive heart failure, gallstones, arthritis, bursitis, salmonella, bronchitis, pneumonia, pacemaker, defibrillator, a buildup of iron from bi-weekly blood transfusions necessitated by anemia resultant from extensive chemotherapy. Because of his many complications, Dr. Rocco treats him with laser acupuncture and holistic medicine. His knee and arm are better; Dr. Rocco is currently working to enable his hemoglobin to reproduce itself which would lessen the frequency of blood transfusions. With this combination of laser, holistic medicine, and nutritional supplements the length of time between transfusions has doubled as the hemoglobin seems to be reproducing on its own strength. Dr. Rocco’s treatment has had positive effects on Rich’s constantly running nose from excessive medicine and the purple bruising on his arms from aging thin skin, blood transfusions and medication.


I am now bringing my 34 year old son to Dr. Rocco as he suffers from severe allergies. I have confidence that Dr. Rocco can help and Bob breathe freely without sneezing every few minutes. Dr. Rocco has definitely enhanced our lives and our ability to enjoy life.
~Andrea Holmes

  Dear Rocco,

Our sincere thanks for helping us on our road to wellness. Both Burt and I have profited from your caring, your intuition, your sensitivity and your willingness to share your wealth of holistic education. When we first came to see you, Burt's eye pressure related to his glaucoma diagnosis was between 21 and 23. Now, as a result of acupuncture and your nutrition therapy suggestions, his pressure has been between 14 and 16. Certainly his energy has improved, and as soon as the weather improves, I'll push for a walking regime!

Meanwhile, we wish you a future of good health and success.
Be Well,

---Devorah Goldberg

  I was diagnosed with psoriasis about 1 year ago. I had a mild case but none the less quite annoying. My dermatologist prescribed various creams that had not worked. I also had pain in my knee and trouble sleeping. I was told by a friend to try acupuncture. I made an appointment with Rocco Manziano. He was very thorough with his consultation and started treatment immediately. He prescribed various natural supplements and started acupuncture on the first visit. I must say after just 6 short weeks my psoriasis started clearing up and I was feeling great. The pain in my knee started going away and I was starting to sleep much better.

I am very happy with my results and would highly recommend this treatment.
~Lynn Foreit

I came to see Rocco because I was dissatisfied with allopathic doctors who only wanted to treat pain symptoms and tired of living with chronic pain.

How do I feel now? Fabulous!

It is truly amazing to wake up every day and not feel any of the pain I felt for over two years. This path takes time, but it is well worth the wait to fix the problem correctly once and for all.
~Megan E. Morales

  Before I had acupuncture treatments I had taken Hydrocodone pills and epidural injections for my L5/S1 lumbar area. I wanted to try a much more natural approach that was also low in cost. After just 1 treatment I was convinced that I had come to the right spot! The acupuncture benefits last for months! Most of all, I feel confident that I can be effectively treated in a safe, natural way for my back pain. If I have neck and/or arm, that is treated at the same time. I am thankful that I discovered Mr. Manziano's office. Thank you Rocco!
~Judy Brockman

I had been having several issues that had been addressed by traditional doctors for one and a half years. I had knee problems that made it impossible to walk at times and got in the way of most exercise and often just daily life. Great results – have been walking, cycling, and digging without pain or swelling.
Also had vocal issues for a year or more and as a professional singer, this was causing problems. Had notes missing in my normal range and would totally lose my voice after a short singing job. In addition, every winter I would get a strange sore throat that morphed into bronchitis. Not this year. My singing voice is back and the sore throat just went away. Heartburn was also a nightly companion – it’s gone!
My energy is up, I have a better attitude and am motivated. Thanks Rocco!

~Carmel Bowman

Before I started coming here on a regular basis, I was constantly fatigued, had a lot of headaches, and suffered from horrible menstrual cramps. I originally came to Rocco for my low levels of energy, but the headaches and cramps are few and far between now too.

It really paid off. I have more energy, more motivation, and less pain overall.
~Fran Dietl

I am currently a chiropractor and I have tried to no end to understand what was causing my husband and I’s infertility issues. I had several issues which I thought were due to a surgery I had in 1997, for suspected endometriosis, that left me with pain during ovulation. I had another surgery in 2007, and they stated there was no reason I couldn’t get pregnant. There is nothing more frustrating than to have knowledge and not be able to help you or your partner achieve conception.

Jeff and I had tried for over 5 or more years to get pregnant, I stopped counting. I had tried everything, both of us had. We had tried chiropractic, of course, herbs and supplementation, all different kinds of diets, reflexology, internal massage and physical therapy for adhesions, laparoscopic surgery for me, several ob-gyn and urology appointments, fertility monitoring both Clear Blue easy and all other ways, head stands after sex even with a inversion table, you name it we‘ve tried it! Everything, except acupuncture.


In January, we went to a fertility specialist who told us it was pretty much hopeless unless both of us did fertility drugs and IVF. The cost was somewhere around $20,000 for one try and they would put up to 3 eggs in my uterus with a 40% chance of one taking or I could have triplets if they all took. I went home and cried and prayed. I told Jeff I was not doing that! Too expensive and bad odds.


I decided that I would rather adopt international so we were looking into that option and I came across Rocco’s metabolic acupuncture services. I told Jeff that I was paying for both of us to come in and we were going to do whatever he said. We went for 2 months alternating weeks and my pain which I thought was the major cause of our infertility was getting somewhat better.

We went to South Padre in April and I was suppose to start the day we left but I didn't and I kept waiting for it to happen the whole week we were there and it didn't. Jeff hid my pregnancy tests when we came back because he didn't want to be disappointed if it was negative. I waited another 4 days and finally found the tests and took one. IT WAS POSITIVE!!


The only reason I believe I am pregnant is because I was at my lowest point when I prayed to God that day and he heard me and sent me the answer in finding Rocco. The only thing we did different was acupuncture.  The other positive is that I've been continuing treatment and I haven't had any morning sickness. I would recommend going to them before doing any kind of medical intervention, I know my pregnancy was a result of their help and I really feel like Rocco is committed to researching your individual situation and tailoring your treatment to your goals.

I am actually starting classes for acupuncture in November because I want to help people myself with these types of problems.

~April Simmons

I came to Rocco Manziano with shoulder pain that was not relieved by prescription Naproxen. After my first treatment I immediately noticed a difference in my range of motion and pain. As the acupuncture continued, I have had steady improvement and was able to have progressively more time between treatments. I am currently pain free and have even better range of motion than before I began seeing Rocco.

~Sharon V.


I was not feeling well at all when I made my first appointment with Dr. Manziano’s office. I was on a lot of different medications for my erratic thyroid conditions. I was suffering with hair loss, extremely dry eyes and I could not sleep at night. I truly felt that all the medication that I was taking was making me sicker.


I thank God and Dr. Manziano for making me well. I am now off of all but one of my medications. I am following Dr. Manziano’s care and I honestly have to say that I have not felt this good in years. I am taking Chinese Medicine and seeing Dr. Manziano once a week for acupuncture. The best thing I ever did was walk into that office. It changed my life and my health. I am happy to say my hair has grown back.

Thank you so much Doc.
~Gail Cushing


  Doctors would tell me to eat better but you were the only doctor who taught me exactly how to do it! My blood pressure has been normal after just a few acupuncture treatments and with my dietary changes. Thanks so much, Rocco!
~Donna N.

  I had a lot of pain in the right leg which was due to lower back problems. Missed 4 months of work and after having 2 injections to the spine, I felt okay for about 8 days, then it started all over again. I came to see Rocco and the next day felt great and have not felt anything so far. It’s been about 4 weeks.
~William Gilmour

  To Rocco: You have made a very strong impression on me, your knowledge and an amazing inner intuition which is almost God's given.

My best regards,
~Ewa Irani

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